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By promoting to the right customers at the right time...

Vincent Dickie MySalesFlow

 Kevin Gaines 

 Co-founder & CEO Biota Aquariums 


"It all made my life easier. Unless you have someone in house, you don’t know how to set this all up, and it can lead to problems further down the track.

There aren’t many businesses deliver their product in stages. Our biggest concern was how we would deal with a volume of orders AND make sure customers didn’t feel they’d fallen into a black hole.

Vincent helped design the customer journey which was critical and personal. He made it personalised – this is key to customer satisfaction."

Are you looking to automate your WordPress website?

Vincent Dickie


Marketing Automation Consultant 

Brands I've worked with:

Or, are you simply looking to make more sales without making more work?

Think back to when you first launched your website and what you envisioned it to be.

You were looking forward to a consistent inquiries that would be easy to follow-up, bring in sales like clockwork and always continue scaling naturally.

But somewhere along the way, your website fell off track:

- Maybe you had a great initial launch but sales are becoming more and more work for you and your team...

- Perhaps your customers are getting left in a 'black hole' and you simply aren’t following up enough inquiries to get the sales you need...

You know something needs to change, but you need to be confident in the path forward without breaking the bank for it.

The suite of marketing automation tools available for WordPress websites are mind-boggling, and confusing, to say the least...

You need guidance from someone who’s experienced the level of success you want on exactly what to do to get on the right path to automating more sales.

For the last 5 years, Vincent has worked with charities, startups like yours yield the time-saving and sales-boosting results from marketing automation.

I've focused exclusively on marketing automation for WordPress and WooCommerce because it's where I can help you achieve the best results.

With the combination of outstanding copywriting and email marketing automation software, you too can access some of WordPress' / WooCommerce's most powerful marketing automations and put fresh wind in your sales.

We’d be a good fit if…

  1. You appreciate dealing with someone who’ll be straight-up about your business.
  2. You sell your own products (no Affiliate or Dropship stores).
  3. You pay your bills promptly.
  4. Your business is or will be on WooCommerce or WordPress.

If you do see a fit, check out my ‘contact’ page and reach out if you’d like to work together. I’ll be in touch to discuss the details of your project.



What clients have to say...

Kevin Gaines

 CEO | Biota Aquariums 


Getting customers’ attention is important, but if it doesn’t convert to sales it really doesn’t make sense.

Vincent helped design the customer journey which was critical and personal. He made it personalised – this is key to customer satisfaction.

I’d recommend MySalesFlow to anyone who needs helping finding their ideal customer and converting them into paying customers”.
Sven Blase Honestly

 Sven Blase 

 CEO | Honestly 


What we learned was basically everything: Segmenting our target audience; How to create funnels that work. How to think in terms of the target audience we are addressing.

Vincent’s professional knowledge saved us lots of time implementing and making our own mistakes. It gave us the confidence to go ahead with our own ideas.

We’re now generating client requests and getting leads out of that work.”

 Jamie O'Donnell 

 Online Business Strategist | ShiftOn 


​​​He is a smart, savvy marketer who operates with total integrity and genuinely cares for his clients. His understanding of modern day marketing strategies and the overall online landscape is impressive.

If you're looking for a consultant who will add real value to your business, give actionable and relevant advice that will move your business forward online, I believe Vincent is your man.