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With a sales-funnel that scales with your business

 Kevin Gaines 

 Co-founder & CEO Biota Aquariums 


"It all made my life easier. Unless you have someone in house, you don’t know how to set this all up, and it can lead to problems further down the track.

There aren’t many businesses deliver their product in stages. Our biggest concern was how we would deal with a volume of orders AND make sure customers didn’t feel they’d fallen into a black hole.

Vincent helped design the customer journey which was critical and personal. He made it personalised – this is key to customer satisfaction."

Does This Sound Like You?

You've heard about sales funnels and the power they have to build incredible lists of leads eager to learn about your services...

You have been looking forward to a consistent inquiries that would be easy to follow-up, bring in sales like clockwork and always continue scaling naturally.

Like most of us, you get started by creating a video and a downloadable cheat-sheet. That should set you back around $400 and about two days of work. [Running total: $400 & 2 days].

You budget another $500 for video and you yourself spend 7 hours hiring and working with a creative person to edit your video. Neither of you are sure what it should look like, but you make it look kind of professional. [Running total: $900 & 3 days].

You build a landing page based on a great-looking UnBounce landing page template you found online for $80/month (that was easy). 

Next you write a short page of copy (that was hard) and link the subscribe button to an Mailchimp email autoresponder for $15/month (that took way longer than you thought). [Running total:  $995 & 5 days]

Finally, it's ready to go!

You set up Facebook ads with the text and images (whew!) and spend $50/day on Facebook ads getting leads to the page and try it for a week.

[Running total: $1,295 and at least 6 and a half days of your life you'll never get back]

Within hours you will know if it's worked or not...

Surely, at least 20 people will click the 'Sign up' button, right? Then you will have a load of leads you can follow up and sell your service AND you will be able to repeat it, right?

But, somewhere along the way, your sales funnel turned into a sales leaky boat and leads trickle in slowly...

What makes matters worse is that every time you run your Facebook ads, the click-through rates fall. Your $100 bought you 50 clicks on Monday, 38 clicks on Tuesday, 25 on Wednesday and those numbers continue to slide downwards. Despite throwing more money at it, the results continue to decline rapidly EVERY day. [Grrrh!]

Your stellar landing page got a grand total of 9 email leads and only 6 left a number to make follow-up calls. After a bit of chasing-up, you acquire two client meetings which may lead to one sale.

After more than 6 days of work, like most people, you probably write off the idea that an online sales funnel could ever work for your business. 

Why didn't your sales funnel work?


Because all they've seen is an ad, part of a video and a downloadable cheat-sheet they never read. Sure, it worked for some people in 2010, but it's 2018 and if it were that easy...

Eight years is like a century in the online world and there's a whole lot of people in every industry competing for attention in really smart, innovative ways.

Why else don't most sales funnels work? 

As much as we'd like them to buy now, your leads are likely not be ready to buy your service today, they may just be researching services. Given that most B2B businesses have a 6-12 month sales-cycle, this is THE most likely reason, 

You need to build trust and deliver value over time – but you've just pitched your service, and you pitched it too early [how long has it been since you were dating, anyway?

I'm not making any of the above numbers up or exaggerating any of these details. I'm sharing this from hard-earned experience and realistic campaign rates.

Most online sales funnels fail dismally on launch and it's largely down to two reasons:

  1. The sale funnels is not constructed on an informed, research-led marketing foundation 
  2. Most businesses don't understand the agile practice of constantly learning and adapting to make a successful sales funnel that produces a positive ROI. 

It's a steep learning curve and it can be financially painful to learn that it's simply not easy to continuously generate sales-qualified leads online. If it were, everyone would be doing it and in no time it wouldn't be viable.

Can I ask you an honest question? 

Would your clients miss you if you were gone?

Hopefully your answer is that they would miss you. If it's not, what's holding you back?

Offline or online, in 2018, you can't afford not to delight your clients and prospective clients to generate real, sales-qualified leads.

Whilst it does require some creative thinking, building a great sales funnel is NOT a mystery. 

Building a great sales funnel isn’t an art, it’s an agile system that generates leads continually by adapting to your market

A great sales funnel system continually carries out market research, interviews past and prospective clients, comes up with market insights and tests varying sales funnel tactics.  

Most of all, a great sales funnel system removes the guesswork and risk from your campaign investment. It's an asset that's iterative and allows for flexibility – it can flex and respond depending on the environment.

For many online businesses, sales funnels ARE an almost continuous source of fresh leads for sales and produce a positive ROI. Their sales team use marketing automation for the intel to know the right time to follow up qualified leads when the lead is ready to buy.

My name is Vincent Dickie and I help service businesses like yours build agile online sales funnels.

For the last 8 years, I have worked with service businesses, charities, and startups yield the time-saving and sales-boosting results from smart marketing automation and sales funnels.

If you choose to take this path, you will need guidance from someone who’s experienced a level of success with sales funnels. 

With my help, you'll learn to avoid common traps and know the steps to take for your business to generate consistent, qualified sales leads and a positive ROI over a relatively short time than if you go it alone.

We might be a good fit if:

- You appreciate feedback from someone who will be 100% straight up with you.

- You pay your invoices promptly. (Yes, I offer prompt payment discounts like your power company).

If you do see a fit, reach out and book a 15-minute call here if you’d like to talk about working together. I’ll be in touch to discuss the details of your project.

Warm regards, Vincent

What clients have to say...

Kevin Gaines

 CEO | Biota Aquariums 


Getting customers’ attention is important, but if it doesn’t convert to sales it really doesn’t make sense.

Vincent helped design the customer journey which was critical and personal. He made it personalised – this is key to customer satisfaction.

I’d recommend Dickiebird to anyone who needs helping finding their ideal customer and converting them into paying customers”.
Sven Blase Honestly

 Sven Blase 

 CEO | Honestly 


What we learned was basically everything: Segmenting our target audience; How to create funnels that work. How to think in terms of the target audience we are addressing.

Vincent’s professional knowledge saved us lots of time implementing and making our own mistakes. It gave us the confidence to go ahead with our own ideas.

We’re now generating client requests and getting leads out of that work.”

 Jamie O'Donnell 

 Online Business Strategist | ShiftOn 


He is a smart, savvy marketer who operates with total integrity and genuinely cares for his clients. His understanding of modern day marketing strategies and the overall online landscape is impressive.

If you're looking for a consultant who will add real value to your business, give actionable and relevant advice that will move your business forward online, I believe Vincent is your man.