A Quick Email Follow-Up Tactic That Could Land Your Next Big Client

Email marketing checklistMost businesses don’t do email marketing like the list above.

What’s wrong with this approach? There is zero follow-up (and we all know the sale is in the follow-up, right)?!

If you’re in the business of business development, you need to check Mailchimp (or your email provider) every day for the first 4-5 days after you send an email to your list. This will allow you to see who’s opening and clicking on your emails. Chances are, it will be a prospect you haven’t heard from for some time.

Want to know more about how to check your email opening in Mailchimp? See our detailed how-to post ‘How Small Businesses Can Find Their Hottest Prospects With Mailchimp Email’ (I’ll update this link within the week).

A follow-up email or phone call will likely open the door to new business. However, I wouldn’t suggest you start the follow-up with “I see that you opened our email 42 times, clicked three links and forwarded it to 2 people” – that’s a sure fire way to sound creepy.

In your follow-up, try something more helpful, such as an email that says:

“Hi Joan, it looks like you got our latest email about swimming pool fitness. As we haven’t been in touch for a while, have you got any questions about your pool or landscaping project”? We’re only an email away, so please call or email if we can help”.

Make sure your follow-up email contains your phone contact details at the bottom of your email, as phone calls generally convert sales better than email.

Dickiebird_Tip-A_Quick_Email_Follow-Up_Technique_That_Could_Land_Your_Next_Big_JobThis manual email follow-up method might not work for everyone – for example, if your product or service is only worth $50 / year. In this case, if you have Marketing Automation in place, you can create a simple rule that follows up as above. Read more about Marketing Automation in my previous post.

If your product or service is high value eg. Greater than $2,000 per customer per year, that simple follow-up might net your business $2,000 plus per year. Email follow-up is definitely something worth trying, and something most businesses overlook.

If you’ve already got email marketing in place with Mailchimp, read our other post on ‘How Small Businesses Can Find Their Hottest Prospects With Mailchimp Email’ (link will be updated).

If you’re looking to get professional email marketing or more advanced Marketing Automation in place, get in touch.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your experiences with email marketing and automation. Have you tried this method? I don’t know of anyone else, at least in New Zealand, that uses this powerful tactic…

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