Don’t Make The One Mistake Most SaaS Companies Make

Imagine if you could get more enterprise SaaS customers for your software. In this post, we cover 7 tips to landing more coveted “whale” customers.

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Many SaaS businesses make one fundamental flaw: They assume if you build great software and customers will come flying through the door. However, it takes more than great software to get more business customers online.


Here are a few tips from our observations and experience:


Don’t let your website become a leaky bucket: Offer a free lead magnet on your website in exchange for a prospect’s email address is the most common way of doing this. For example, if your target is restaurants, you could offer a well-researched pdf doc of ‘7 ways to stop your restaurant going broke’.


Embrace email marketing: With your email list, you can start to build a relationship with prospects. Great email marketing allows you to nurture and educate your prospects, building trust as you go.


Segment your marketing. Business customers have very different needs to regular B2C customers. Make sure the needs of your business customers are catered to – it gives them confidence to do business with your SaaS. This is especially true if your business offers an Enterprise version of your SaaS – buying cycles for high-ticket items could take 18 months or more!

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