How to Choose a Perfect Business Name

A good business name is important. Follow these 7 ways to come up with a great name for your business from day one, no matter what your business does.

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What’s in a business name? A lot of people ask me about choosing business names. Here are three tips from Dale Beaumont:


1. Name by Desire, eg. ‘Lean Cuisine’, ‘Die Hard Batteries’

2. Name by problem, eg. ‘Never Late Electrical’

3. Alliteration, eg. Weight Watchers

4. Own a word, eg. ‘Apple’

5. Make up a word, eg. ‘Google’, ‘Qantas’

6. Word-mash, eg. ‘Skype’ (Sky + peer to peer)

7. Word-Twist, eg. ‘Netflix’, ‘Fiverr’


Have a look at Dale’s post and get creative with your business name.

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